Constant Innovation

We see innovation as a strategic journey that includes technical collaborations and partnerships with our customers to tailor flavor discovery. We strive to deliver complex flavor profiles that taste delicious and meet evolving consumer needs.

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A Hundred years of experience

With over 100 years of joint product development experience with flavor technologies, our certified flavorist team has pioneered new approaches to flavor development through discoveries in fermentation, extraction and proprietary processes that meet the need for expanded transparency with consumer labeling.

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Transparent Label

We are revolutionizing flavor technologies to deliver Transparently Delicious® taste profiles. Our endless portfolio of natural and certified organic flavors provides diverse options for innovations in food and beverages, as well as the unique agility to customize your organic flavor quickly, due to our organic raw material pipeline.

Transparently Delicious® Technologies

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Our line of plant-based systems is designed to provide ingredient transparency that consumers expect without compromising taste.

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Essences and extracts produced by isolating the essential attributes of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, create unique taste profiles and transparent label options.

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Natural flavor carrier that upcycles citrus peels to create label-friendly natural flavor granules with very minimal processing.

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Plant-based flavor carrier that upcycles oat fiber to create label friendly natural or organic flavor options with very minimal processing.

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Expect the Unexpected

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Plant-Based Taste Improvement

Undesirable off-notes in a flavor base such as almond, coconut, pea, soy or other plant bases can be modified with natural flavor and extract technologies. The challenge is to understand which flavors work with different plant bases. Some flavors will actually enhance the off-notes of cardboard or tanginess which could be undesirable. We tailor the approach to each plant-based application to optimize the taste. One masking or modifying flavor doesn’t fit all applications.


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