Our Story

Flavor Producers was founded in 1981 as a family business in Valencia, California. We pioneered the development of natural and organic flavors by sourcing raw materials from nature. Plant-based flavor and extract creation is our specialty, with unique technologies that deliver transparently delicious taste to food and beverages.

Driven by Consumer Demand

In the 1980’s, the food and beverage market in California was seeking more natural flavor options. Our strategy with product development was founded on transparent flavor technologies by sourcing plant-based raw materials and extraction processes, that would provide easier access to authentic natural and organic taste profiles.


One of the first companies to initiate the research and development of an organic flavor portfolio to meet U.S. regulations and requirements for organic food and beverages.


We expanded our U.S. R&D capabilities by adding an innovation site in Sharonville, OH to include flavor, analytics, application development and sensory laboratories.


The Ohio innovation site was further expanded to add a 2nd flavor production site in the U.S. that would service the North American market.


Sentrex (Linden, NJ) acquisition added distillation and extraction capabilities along with a complete portfolio of natural and organic vanilla extracts and fruit and botanical extracts and essences.


Flavormatics, based in New York, was acquired and integrated. This provided additional specialization in coffee flavors and extracts to expand the portfolio.


The Sharonville, OH Innovation Center was expanded with application development, sensory and analytical capabilities that aligned with our Valencia, CA site.


We offer an endless portfolio of natural and organic flavors, extracts and essences. Our custom approach is efficient and convenient for customers due to a vertically integrated supply chain of raw materials that meet the strict regulatory requirements.

Over 5,000

organic certifiable flavors in our library
As pioneers in
natural and
organic flavors


Supported by Extensive Regulatory & Sensory Experience

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California Grown

Founded in Los Angeles in 1981, Flavor Producers expanded to 3 U.S. production sites and 3 R&D centers in North America
Leader in the taste of vanilla from natural extracts to organic flavors

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