Natural Plant Essence

Isōz® are plant-based essences and extracts produced by isolating the essential attributes of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. This clean label product provides exceptional taste through Transparent Technologies™.


The increasing consumer demand for transparency in food and beverage is changing how consumers look at ingredient labels. Isōz provides authentic true-to-plant taste that consumers are expecting and the added transparency of identifiable ingredients on your label.

  • Available as natural, certified organic, and kosher
  • Water soluble for beverage applications
  • Essences are colorless and contain the aromatic properties of the plant
  • Extracts contain the natural coloring from the plant and the aromatic properties


  • Dairy and non-dairy based products (yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, coffee creamers, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and more)
  • Soup and sauce bases
  • Beverage applications (RTD coffees, sports & energy, protein & nutritional, functional, meal replacement, waters, juice drinks and more)
  • Alcoholic beverages (spirits, hard seltzers and ciders, beer, wine, mixers and syrups)
  • Snacks, bars, frozen desserts and more

Expect the Unexpected


Today, consumers crave more sensory experiences. Botanical extracts and flavors can add floral, herbal, bitter, woody and/or brightness to a food or beverage. A mocktail that includes an organic rosemary WONF, for example, provides the experience of running your hand down a branch of rosemary stem with its woody and herbaceous aromatics. The combinations are endless to add an authentic aromatic sensory profile.

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