Oatz™ is a plant-based flavor carrier system that uses oat fiber to create Transparently Delicious®, label friendly, natural or organic flavor options through Transparent Technologies™.

Plant Based Flavors
Oatz - Protein Balls
Nature's Ingenuity

Deliver your flavors naturally with Oatz from Flavor Producers. Building from nature’s ingenuity, Oatz is a plant-based flavor carrier that upcycles oat fiber to create label friendly natural or organic flavor options with very minimal processing.

plant-based flavors
Infused with Flavor

Through our unique patented and proprietary flavor technology, we infuse liquid flavor onto the oat fiber through a cold blending process to ensure consistent flavor distribution and standardized particle sizes. Oatz flavors are fully customizable and can be tailored to your ideal flavor needs.

Oat Bake plant-based Flavors
Product Features
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Plant-Based


  • Great flavor impact
  • Natural alternative flavor carrier
  • Label friendly ingredient (oat hull fiber)
  • Heat stable
  • Visual inclusion and powdered options
  • Formulated in-house
  • Flexible pack sizes and lead times


  • Oatz Granular (40 mesh)
  • Oatz Powder (200 mesh)
  • Ideal for bakery, nutritional bars, cereals, granola, and plant-based dairy alternatives.

Oatz contains < 10 ppm oat gluten, the limit of detection, and is sourced from an exclusive oat milling production facility that is Certified Gluten-Free (GFCP). Oatz can support a “gluten-free” claim in the USA. In Canada & Europe, oat gluten is subject to gluten labeling.

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