Organic to the core

Our endless portfolio of certifiable organic flavors are 100% US Non-GMO with the authentic taste profile you expect from nature. As the leader in organic flavor creation, reformulation of a food or beverage flavor from natural to organic is convenient and efficient.

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certified organic flavors
At the Forefront of Organic Flavors

Pioneering organic flavors required a commitment to raw materials that are compliant and a team of flavorists dedicated to creative technologies. Today, we are transitioning customers daily from organic compliant to certified organic flavors due to our unprecedented agility.

Taste the Flavors of the World

For decades, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with ingredient suppliers, resulting in an unsurpassed network. By sourcing unique and exotic organic ingredients, our flavorists have access to the most diverse organic flavor ingredients available that meet the required quality and regulatory standards.

Regulatory You Can Trust

Every flavor we produce goes through a strict regulatory review with a team that is highly experienced in the organic certification process.

Over 5,000

organic compatible flavors in our library

Pioneers in plant-based organic & natural flavors, extracts & essences.
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Expect the Unexpected

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Firing it up

The perception of heat or spiciness varies by individual. Therefore, adding heat to a flavor like honey in a gummy bear must be tailored to the type and concentration of hot pepper as well as the level of fat and sugar in the product which impacts the sensory experience. The demographics of the customer also impact the reaction to heat.

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