Today’s consumers want authentic tasting products that use natural ingredients. Isōz™ essences and extracts are the newest innovation from Flavor Producers, created by isolating the essential attributes from herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Available for use in a wide range of applications.

Isōz™ Essences Product Features:

  • Available as Natural, Certified Organic and Kosher
  • Water soluble ideal for beverage applications
  • Isōz™ essences are colorless and contain the aromatic properties of the plant
  • Isōz™ Extracts contain the natural coloring from the plant and the aromatic properties

Applications for essences and extracts include:

  • Dairy and non-dairy based products (yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk )
  • Soup bases
  • Beverage applications (nutritional, functional, syrups and still beverages)
  • Alcoholic beverages (mixers, liquors and syrups)
  • Flavored waters and frozen desserts

Isoz™ are available in these exciting varieties.
Legend: Extract = EX | Essence = ES | Natural = N | Organic = O

Acai (ES/N/O)
Acerola (ES/O)
Agave (ES/N/O)
All-spice (EX/N/O)
Aloe (EX/O)
American Oak (EX/ES/N)
Angelica Root (ES/N/O)
Apple – Cider Type (ES/N)
Apple – Fuji Type (ES/N)
Apple – Gala Type (ES/N)
Apple – Granny Smith Type (ES/N)
Apple – Pink Lady Type (ES/N)
Apple – Regent Type (ES/N)
Apple – Royal Court Type (ES/N)
Apple – Royal Empire Type (ES/N)
Apple – Royal Gala Type (ES/N)
Apricot (ES/N)
Banana (ES/N/O)
Barley (ES/N)
Barley – Roasted (ES/N)
Basil (EX/ES/N/O)
Basmati Rice – Brown (ES/N)
Basmati Rice – White (ES/N)
Beet (ES/N)
Bell Pepper (ES/N/O)
Black Pepper (EX/N/O)
Cacao Butter (ES/N/O)
Cacao Fruit (ES/N)
Cacao Nib (EX/N)
Cane Sugar (ES/N/O)
Cardamon (ES/N)
Carob (EX/ES/N/O)
Carrot (ES/N/O)
Celery (ES/N/O)
Chamomile (EX/ES/N/O)
Chile Pepper – Ancho (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Cayenne (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Chipotle (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Green (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Guajillo (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Jalapeño (ES/N)
Chile Pepper – Serrano (ES/N)

Cilantro (ES/N/O)
Cinchona Bark (EX/ES/N)
Cinnamon (EX/ES/N/O)
Cinnamon – Ceylon (EX/N)
Cinnamon – Saigon (EX/ES/N)
Clove (EX/N/O)
Cocoa Concentrate (EX/O)
Cocoa Nib (ES/N)
Coconut (ES/N/O)
Coconut Water (ES/N/O)
Coffee – Extracto Magico (EX/ES/N)
Coffee – French Roast (ES/N/O)
Coffee – Italian Roast (ES/N/O)
Coriander (ES/N/O)
Cranberry (ES/N)
Crystal Rye (ES/N)
Cucumber (ES/N)
Cumin (ES/N/O)
Curry (ES/O)
Dandelion Root (EX/N/O)
Dragon Fruit (ES/N)
Elder Flower (EX/ES/N/O)
Fennel (EX/ES/N/O)
French Oak (EX/ES/N)
French Oak / Alc Free Glycerine (EX/N)
French Oak / Alc Free PG (EX/N)
Gentian (EX/N/O)
Ginger (EX/ES/N/O)
Goji Berry (ES/N/O)
Grapefruit Peel (EX/N)
Green Coffee (EX/N)
Habanero Pepper (ES/N/O)
Hazelnut (ES/N)
Herbal Blend – Ricola (EX/N)
Hibiscus (EX/ES/N/O)
Hibiscus – PG (EX/N)
Holy Basil (EX/ES/N)
Honey – Avocado (ES/N)
Honey – Clover (ES/N)
Honey – Eucalyptus Blossom (ES/N)
Honey – Orange Blossom (ES/N)
Honeysuckle (ES/N)
Hops (EX/ES/N/O)

Hops – Harsh Bitter Type (EX/N)Hops – Sharp Bitter Type (EX/N)
Hops – Smooth Bitter Type (EX/N)
Hops – Galena Type (EX/N)
Hops – Zeus Type (EX/N)
Indian Sarsaparilla (EX/N/O)
Jasmine (ES/N/O)
Juniper Berry (ES/N/O)
Kimchi (ES/N)
Kola Nut (EX/N)
Lavender (ES/N/O)
Lemon Balm (EX/N)
Licorice Root (EX/ES/N/O)
Lime Peel (EX/N)
Linden Flower (EX/N/O)
Lychee (ES/N)
Maillard Reaction – Cysteine (ES/N)
Maillard Reaction – Leucine (ES/N)
Maillard Reaction – Proline (ES/N)
Malt (ES/N)
Mango (ES/N)
Maple (ES/N)
Molasses – Black Strap (ES/N/O)
Nishiki Rice (ES/N)
Nutmeg (ES/N)
Oak – High Mocha (EX/ES/N)
Oak – High Spice (EX/ES/N)
Oak – High Vanilla (EX/ES/N)
Oak – High Vanilla / Alc Free PG (EX/N)
Opunita / Nopal Cactus (ES/N)
Orange Peel (EX/N/O)
Orris Root (EX/N/O)
Paprika (ES/N/O)
Paprika – Smoked (ES/N/O)
Parsley (ES/N/O)
Peach (ES/N/O)
Peanut (ES/N)
Peanut – Extra Roast (ES/N)
Peat Smoked Malt (EX/ES/N)
Peppermint (EX/ES/N/O)
Pink Peppercorn (ES/N)
Pomegranate (ES/N/O)

Prickly Pear (ES/N)
Pumpkin (ES/N/O)
Rainbow Peppercorn (ES/N)
Raspberry Seed (ES/N)
Roasted Almond (ES/N)
Roasted Chicory (EX/N/O)
Roasted Hemp Seed (ES/N)
Rose (EX/ES/N/O)
Rose Hip (EX/ES/N)
Rosemary (EX/ES/N/O)
Sage (EX/N/O)
Sarsaparilla (EX/N/O)
Sorghum (ES/N)
Sesame Seed (ES/N/O)
Shiitake Mushroom (EX/O)
Spearmint (EX/ES/N/O)
Spinach (ES/N)
Squash (ES/N)
Strawberry (ES/N/O)
Sweet Potato (ES/N/O)
Tamarind (ES/N)
Tansy Leaf (EX/N)
Tarragon (EX/N)
Tea – Bai Mudan (ES/O)
Tea – Black (ES/N/O)
Tea – Ceylon (EX/ES/O)
Tea – Darjeeling (ES/N/O)
Tea – Green (ES/N/O)
Tea – Guyusa (ES/N)
Tea – Matcha (ES/N)
Tea – Oolong (EX/ES/N)
Tea – Rooibos (EX/ES/N/O)
Tea – White (EX/ES/N/O)
Thyme (EX/ES/N/O)
Toasted Applewood (ES/N)
Tomato (ES/N)
Turmeric (ES/N)
Valerian Root (EX/N/O)
Violet Leaf (EX/ES/N/O)
White Cocoa (ES/N)
Wild Cherry Bark (EX/ES/N/O)
Wormwood (EX/N)
Yerba Mate (EX/ES/N/O)