Flavor Producers celebrates 40 years at SupplySide West with new Innovations in Transparency

Flavor Producers, LLC, headquartered in West Hills, CA, is proud to celebrate 40 years of flavor innovation at the 2021 SupplySide West tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. As a founder and innovator in natural and organic plant-based flavors, Flavor Producers has continued to innovate in natural and organic new product development through Tasteful and Transparent Technologies™ that are designed to provide greater transparent taste for the modern health-conscious consumer. 

“Flavor Producers pioneered strategic research and development to create an expansive natural and organic flavor portfolio”, commented Tony Moore, Chief Innovation Officer at Flavor Producers. “We are expanding those innovation efforts on the next generation of taste with our “Transparent Technologies” like Rutz® and Trü-Brüz® which supports our customer demand to deliver great tasting, clean label products everyday” he adds. 

As Health and Wellness remains a key consumer theme in food and beverage product innovation and a prevalent trend at the SupplySide West tradeshow, Flavor Producers is showcasing four concepts that reflect our Transparently Delicious® theme to deliver great taste naturally and transparently using these innovative taste technologies in wellness-based products 

The Flavor Producers portfolio of natural and organic flavors and extracts is one the of the most extensive in the industry through our 40+ years of flavor creation, unique plant-based sourcing, extract technology and regulatory support. The novel Rutz® and Trü Brüz® portfolios offer product developers even more options for transparent labeling with health and wellness food and beverage products. 

“Transparency continues to evolve with clean label product development to meet consumer demands” says Beth Warren, Chief Commercial Officer at Flavor Producers. “The preference for plant-based ingredients, nutritional benefits, lifestyle and wellness features as well as convenience adds greater complexity for the product developer to achieving the exceptional taste consumers expect in the final product”, she adds. 

Flavor Producers is introducing Tasteful Technologies™ to tailor the approach with taste detractors which are common with nutritional supplement, natural sweeteners, or plant-based ingredient additions in food and beverage formulations. The Tasteful Technology tools created by Flavor Producers accelerate customer commercial success by optimizing taste more effectively when compared to the traditional industry flavor masking products. Varied taste detractors require a modifying tool designed specifically for that detractor. 

This year at SupplySide West, the concepts include: 

Rütz® Purple Haze Blueberry Lemonade beverage includes butterfly tea and a Rutz® clean label blueberry profile along with Tasteful Technologies™. 

Wild berry Wellness Gummies are a functional gummy with Natural Mixed Berry Flavor WONF, 100% of the RDI for zinc, 60% RDI for Vitamin C with Tasteful Technologies™ to optimize the taste profile. 

Trü Brüz® Peach Ginger White Tea beverage features natural peach and ginger flavors WONFs and a natural sweetness modifier along with a Trü Brüz® flavor system that allows product developer to label as “made with brewed tea”. 

Fruit Spark, a natural black raspberry flavored Sparkling Water is true to fruit in taste with natural black raspberry flavor WONF and Tasteful Technology sweetness modifier along with natural de-sugared™ juices from the NewTree Fruit Company, www.newtreefruit.com. It offers only 5-calories with the authentic flavor of black raspberry and no added sugar. This concept is a great tasting lower calorie beverage with de-sugared™ juice, natural ingredients and refreshing taste. 

Flavor producers is a leading natural and organic flavor and extract company. We are inspired by entrepreneurs and new technologies that deliver great taste. Contact us at sales@flavorproducers.com or visit us at www.flavorproducers.com. 

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