Flavor Producers, LLC., announces an expanded porfolio of natural flavors with plant-based technologies branded as RützTM

Press Release: Deconstructing Taste Artfully SupplySide West, Las Vegas, NV October 18-19, 2019

Booth #2431

Flavor Producers, LLC, West Hills, CA, announces an expanded portfolio of natural flavors with plant-based technologies branded as Rütz™ to offer more options for transparent labeling in food and beverages. During the SupplySide West tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, Flavor Producers presents a new theme, Transparently DeliciousTM, to introduce both their extensive organic line of flavors as well as their versatile and complex tasting Rutz products which are featured in a Root Beer or Juniper Lime seltzer water beverage to show attendees.

Beth Warren, Chief Commercial Officer, who recently joined Flavor Producers’ leadership team, commented, “The vast portfolio of natural and organic flavors as well as the innovative and experienced team at Flavor Producers is an exciting platform” says Warren, “They have been the early pioneers and artisans in this category long before it became mainstream.” She adds, “Consumers are more complicated today in their desire to have food and beverages that are satisfying, deliver health benefits while tasting exotic or nostalgic in profile and providing label transparency.”

The Rütz Root beer and the Juniper Lime seltzer water concepts at the Flavor Producers booth SupplySide West are great examples of delivering on those expectations. It features plant- based ingredients with zero calories, sodium or carbohydrates. The ingredient statement is transparent, while the taste profile is rich and refreshing. Additionally, a gummy candy featuring an organic birthday cake flavor is being presented to showcase how an indulgent taste profile can be translated across a variety of applications.

Flavor producers is one of the leading natural and organic independent flavor companies in North America with R&D and manufacturing across three sites in Valencia, CA; Cincinnati, OH and Linden, NJ.

For more information, contact us at rutz@flavorproducers.com or sales@flavorproducers.com or visit us at www.flavorproducers.com.

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