Flavor Peelz™ is a patent pending, dry flavoring system that utilizes nature’s ingenuity to provide you with rich and complex flavors for your products.

Peelz™ uses dehydrated citrus peels to absorb our liquid flavors and then release them during the brewing, baking or cooking process. Best of all, Peelz™ can be customized for your specific flavor needs.

Peelz™ Product Features:

  • Proprietary, patent pending technology

  • Natural carrier of dried citrus peel particles

  • Free flowing flavors without the use of silicon dioxide

  • Manufactured in-house

  • Custom flavor profiles

  • Flexible pack sizes and lead times

Peelz™ Powder

  • 40 mesh size

  • Reduce dusting

  • Natural, Non-GMO, Organic Compatible and Organic Certified

  • Suitable for bakery, nutritional bars, frozen desserts, hot cereals, seasoning, and confection applications

Standard Peelz™

  • 8 or 16 mesh size

  • Natural, Non_GMO, Organic Compatible and Organic Certified

  • Suitable for tea and herbal blends, ground coffee, frozen dessert and fruit prep applications

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