Derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, this remarkable spice is the world’s favorite, conquering all others as a stand-alone, enhancer or complimentary flavor. With over 200 flavor compounds, vanilla extracts and concentrates lend aromatic complexity and depth to many types of systems. We can offer custom folds, where necessary, as well as authentic tasting “WONF” versions to address availability and cost concerns.

Vanilla Product Features:

  • Global Natural

  • Certified Organic available

  • Kosher

  • Non-GMO available

  • Clean Label

  • Liquid and water soluble

  • Tahitian-type available

  • Close relationships at agricultural  source for sustainable supply

  • Authentic, true to extract “WONF”  versions available for reduced cost  and improved availability

Vanilla Product Applications:

  • Dairy- and non-dairy-based products (yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, soy milk, rice milk and almond milk)

  • Beverages (nutritional, functional, syrups, teas and still beverages)

  • Bakery (cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.)

  • Confection (candies, etc.)

  • Flavored waters and frozen desserts

  • Sports Nutrition (bars, etc.)

Pure Vanilla Extract 1-Fold
Natural Vanilla Extract 1-Fold WONFOrganic Vanilla Extract 1-Fold WONF
• Basic vanilla strength for usage in all applications. Complete with vanilla mid and top notes.

Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold
Natural Vanilla Extract 2-Fold WONF
Organic Vanilla Extract 2-Fold WONF
• Excellent strength for usage in most applications. Beany, creamy, full-bodied, rich vanilla mid tones with rounded top notes.

Pure Vanilla Concentrate
Natural Vanilla Concentrate WONF
Organic Vanilla Concentrate WONF
• Strong impact, base- to mid-note vanilla. Darker, beany, deep, rich vanilla. Excellent in baking applications (low to no bake off) due to zero alcohol content and flavor applications where a  strong vanilla base is needed, but can also be used in all applications.

Pure Vanilla Extract 10-Fold
Natural Vanilla Extract 10-Fold WONF
Organic Vanilla Extractt 10-Fold WONF
• Powerful strength with excellent impact. Beany, creamy, buttery, deep, rich, full-bodied vanilla mid tones with well-rounded top notes.
• Best uses include beverages, alcoholic beverages  and baking, but may be used in all applications. Excellent in conjunction with 2-fold and concentrates, and to enhance sweet   brown flavors.

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